Recipes with Cherry Tomatoes

FAQs About Cherry Tomatoes

What are cherry tomatoes?

Although commonly referred to as vegetables, cherry tomatoes are technically fruits. This is because cherry tomatoes contain seeds and develop from the ovary of a flower. They are commonly known to be small, round and red. However, cherry tomatoes can come in many colors to also include yellow, orange and green. Cherry tomatoes are often found in healthy salads and snacks or used as a garnish because of their sweet flavor.

How do cherry tomatoes differ from regular tomatoes?

The obvious difference between regular tomatoes and cherry tomatoes is their size. Cherry tomatoes are much smaller than regular tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes also usually have a sweeter taste than their regular tomato counterparts. Less obviously, cherry tomatoes contain fewer seeds and have thinner skin than regular tomatoes.

Where are cherry tomatoes grown?

Cherry tomatoes are grown across the globe. With large producers of cherry tomatoes in North America, Europe, Asia, South America, Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Because of this, cherry tomatoes can be found in a wide variety of cuisines from different cultures.

How do I grow cherry tomatoes at home?

Growing cherry tomatoes at home is relatively simple. They can be grown in gardens or pots if you have access to well-drained soil, water and full sun. As the plants grow, you’ll want to support them with stakes or cages and be sure to trim them in allow for better air circulation and production.

How can I tell if a cherry tomato plant is healthy

Healthy cherry tomato plants will have noticeable characteristics: vibrant green leaves, sturdy stems and many flowers and fruits. If the plant is beginning to yellow, has spots or holes in the leaves and/or isn’t growing, it could be suffering from pests or disease.

Can I grow cherry tomatoes indoors?

Cherry tomatoes are a good option for indoor gardening if you have a windowsill which allows for full sunlight or grow lights that can offer the necessary lighting. Just make sure the plants are regularly watered and pruned if you’re growing them indoors.

When should I harvest cherry tomatoes?

Cherry tomatoes typically take about 65 to 70 days to be ready for harvest after they’re planted. But there could be some slight variance to this range depending on the variety of cherry tomato. You’ll know when the cherry tomatoes are ready to be harvested when they have reached full color and are slightly soft. When cherry tomatoes are harvested, they produce more fruit.

How do I store cherry tomatoes?

It is safe to store cherry tomatoes at room temperature or in a refrigerator. But keep in mind cherry tomatoes will only last a few days outside of the refrigerator and up to a week if refrigerated.

Are cherry tomatoes healthy?

Cherry tomatoes are considered a very healthy fruit because they are low in calories while offering a good number of antioxidants and vitamins.

Can I use cherry tomatoes in cooking?

Cherry tomatoes can be a great addition to your dishes. They can be added to salads, pastas, roasts and sauces. The possibilities for cooking with cherry tomatoes are virtually endless as they can be eaten raw, cooked or grilled.

What pests and diseases affect cherry tomatoes?

The most common pests that attach cherry tomatoes are whiteflies, tomato hornworms and aphids. They are also known to be affected by diseases that cause leaf spots, mildew and blight. If you’re growing cherry tomatoes, you should monitor them regularly in order to quickly act if these issues emerge.